Welcome to Plan | Pack | Discover!

Hi, I’m Dave! A casual, go-with-the-flow adventure enthusiast with an affinity for the outdoors and exploring what our wonderful world has to offer. Born and raised in Connecticut, my love for nature was ignited on small river/stream fishing trips in the woods of New England with my dad. Now living in sunny Southern California, my passion has evolved and magnified, exploring everything from the spectacular Sierra Nevada Mountain Range to the distant lands of Patagonia.

Why Plan | Pack | Discover?

Plan | Pack | Discover was born out of my love for staying organized and well-prepared for each adventure. I used to spreadsheet my adventures meticulously to ensure nothing was left behind, and the thrill was maximized. I wanted to share this organized, stress-free approach with fellow adventure lovers, offering a simplified, user-friendly experience to help both the beginners stepping into the world of adventures and the seasoned ones looking to stay organized.

Connect & Explore

I’m excited to connect with you through blog posts, social media, and the innovative packing tool, sharing experiences, tips, and the joy of discovering new places. My hope is to make you feel comfortable, provide valuable insights, and perhaps, help you see the world through a new, adventurous lens.

Our Mission & Vision

In the short term, Plan | Pack | Discover aspires to be your go-to platform for all your adventure preparation needs, offering useful packing tools and enriching content. Looking ahead, the vision is to evolve this space into a comprehensive trip planning tool, ensuring you’re well-equipped and informed for all your future explorations.

Let’s Discover Together!

I’m all about positive vibes and sharing the beauty of the adventure-filled world we live in. So, dive in, feel the connection, and let’s embark on unforgettable journeys together! Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, I’m here to help you transform your wanderlust into memorable and enriching experiences.